Company Founder, Dr. Sue McIntyre brings a wealth of personal skills, leadership and experiences to The Hindsight Group. With over twenty years experience in the non-profit, public and private sectors, Dr. Sue McIntyre has developed a unique set of skills and expertise.

As a scholar and educator she is recognized for her expertise in the areas of child sexual abuse and prostitution, making over 100 presentations. As a social service practitioner she has combined her human service background with an entrepreneurial business flair.

As a leader in affecting organizational change she has established a strong track record in identifying and meeting an organization's needs. As a fundraiser her broad experience includes approving and applying for grants as well as securing corporate sponsorship.

As an entrepreneur Sue was responsible for the start-up of 25 operations in both the private and public sectors, taking them from concept to implementation and evaluation. Her work in designing a management service to partner corporate expertise with non-profit groups was just one example of her pioneering work in this regard.

As a community volunteer Sue has proven her personal commitment by participating on numerous volunteer committees and task forces involving justice, social services, health services and education. To contact Sue email her at sue@hindsightgroup.com.  

In addition to Dr. McIntyre, The Hindsight Group has approximately 10-20 Project Associates that assist her with specific project support depending on the nature of the work being undertaken.

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